Netcreen 25- 5.0.0r11.0 - Set PPPOE Metric?

  • Hi All, new here and I’m hoping you can help.

    I’ve had this firewall for a while, and I love it - however I’m having some difficulty with a fail over internet connection.

    The PPPOE connection is the failover connection (not the default) yet as soon as the PPPOE authenticates, it creates a connected route which automatically becomes the default gateway.

    As the PPPOE connection is considerably slower, I only want it to be used when the primary connection fails its track ip tests.

    It would seem with previous versions of the OS you could set the metric for PPPOE as follows:

    "set pppoe name “test” default-route-metric “X”

    With later versions, it would seem you can use the Web Gui to specify a metric when you create the PPPOE connections, thereby setting the route preference.

    BOTH those options don’t work/don’t exist on this version of the firmware.

    Any thoughts on getting this done on 5.0?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Solution: vr-router
    set your interface in charge of PPPoE on a specific vrouter: untrust-vr (you must create a new zone bind to untrust-vr)
    Now default route is isolate from trust-vr
    and add a default route on trust-vr # set route vrouter “untrust-vr” metric 2

    it works only if you have correctly set track ip on your main interface