Juniper SA session is being allocated to the wrong user

  • We have a Citrix system where users also need access to another organisation’s system.  This is achieved by remotely accessing their Juniper SA 4500.  We have packaged the Juniper SA client using Microsoft App-V, essentially we are installing all of the required components into a “bubble” so the users are not prompted to install any components.

    However, using this method has caused some undesired issues when 2 or more users on the same Citrix server launch this application.  The first user logs in and their RDP session is presented to them as normal, the second user logs into the SA and attempts to launch an RDP session. The first user is then presented with the RDP session of user 2. If user 2 then logs out of the Juniper SA both sessions are then removed from user1.

    There seems to be a process running on the client machine called JuniperSetupClient.exe.  When this process is removed, the error does not occur.  However, we do not understand what it is trying to do or why it is causing the issue.

    Is this a known issue with a known fix?  An understanding of how the Juniper SA 4500 authenticates would be useful as well.