Old netscreen 25 setup help

  • Hey community.

    I have an old netscreen 25 from my work. I was going to play with it and learn what i can from it for fun. though i am now running into some issues right off the bat and cuious who could assist.

    I have the device. I have reset it via the pin hole. power cycled it.
    I have set my ip on my laptop of
    i try to access the default ip of the device of and no luck. it times out.
    I have the lan plugged into port 1. trusted port.
    that goes to a switch, in turn my laptop is plugged into the switch.

    I have changed out the switch twice. the cables and even the netscreen device. (we have 2 at work) both same issue.
    does anyone else know how i can access this? 
    my laptop does not have a serial port so console is not an option unless i can do that over lan.

  • Is the IP pingable from your laptop ?
    As suggested by Amorphous could be your firewall did not reset properly to factore defaults below are the steps mentioned to hardware reset the device to factory defaults: -

    1. Push and HOLD pinhole with thin wire.  The Status LED will turn to a “blinking amber’.  Keep holding, and when it turns to ‘blinking green’, immediately release the pinhole.

    2. After 1 second, push and HOLD the pinhole again.  The Status LED will turn to a “blinking red”.  Keep holding, and when the Status LED turns to ‘solid amber’ or ‘solid green’, immediately release the pinhole and wait.

    3. Firewall will reboot and be available in approximately 3-5 minutes.  Pings to should then work.

  • Hi, plug your laptop direct into the firewall  - dont go via a switch in case other dvices are conflicting.

    Are you sure the reset actually took place - as in lights went RED then all wenb off and on again - then a while before thestatus light comes back to flashing (system is up).