Help to reset WebUI password

  • Hello all.

    I’m new to this firewall and need help with syntax. I have an ISG 1000 that a vendor set up. I can putty into the firewall but don’t have the password for the WebUI. How can I reset the WebUI password from cli. Thanks.

  • By password do you mean it is the root password of the device, or some other local admin password of the device ?
    If it is a root password then you would have to reset the device, which means that would erase the config and bring the device to factory default with the a defualt username and password of ‘netscreen’.

    There are two ways you can accomplish that

    1. Either using a pin hole reset.
    2. Or keying in the serial number on the console as username and password.

    If you got the config as the back-up then well and good otherwise you would have to configure the device from scratch.