Reconfiguration of Junos Pulse 4 using jamCommand.exe

  • Hello

    I am new at this forum. I have little problem with Junos Pulse.

    Junos will be deployed by LAnDesk, I need to reconfigure ONLY existing installed Junos pulse Client application without uninstalling existing configured application.

    I don’t have a problems with creating scritps and etc.
    I found a solution called JamComman.exe which is installed in CommonProgramfiles\Juniper Network\JamUI
    who allow to apply settings…jnprpreconfig file via command line.
    I read probably all tech docs from

    but my problem isn’t solved at all.
    in techdocs is pointed " you must write your own scritp to manage error codes"

    It is easy to use this app, but I need to manage error codes from JamCommand.exe

    I tried any possible combinations about files to import when jamCommand will be run via command line.

    command I use via cmd ->  path\JamCommand.exe -importfile  %pathWithFileToImport%

    So problem is when:

    1. if You point a file to import with right extension so for example settings.jnprpreconfig  but will be empty  -> result code is “0”  (for me means that everything was done ok,) but jamCommand not apply any settings,

    2. If YOu point a file to import with wrong extension  for example settings.txt -> doesn’t matter containing structure of this file _> result code is also 0, but any settings are applied.

    3. if you don’t point any file to import like command JamCommand.exe -importfile
        JamCommand will show a prompt will all defined switches that you can use.

    4. only right file with extension and containing entries is applied to juniper.

    Next problem is to how check that settings are applied correctly or not ? I know about 2 files are having entries with settings, and junos has settings mapped in system’s memory. So here is next problem to resolve.

    I. How to get error codes from jam command into a script
    II. how to check if settings are applied successfully into junos pulse.

    Thanks for any advise and help