Is anyone else here using Space?

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    I’ve done a couple of installs of it to manage SRX clusters.  It works well, I like the policy management much better than NSM.

    Anyone else using it?  Experiences?

  • Yep, I’m using it.  It was awesome but I made some noob mistakes in my first install.  😛  Built a new vm and created the correct sized 2nd disk restored my db from backup and that’s where the issues showed up. 😐

    Issue 1:  I have a cluster of 3600 and a single DR 3400, they share a group policy “which is cool by the way”.  But I couldn’t publish/update after the restore.  I had to reimport the firewalls in order to get that working.

    Issue 2:  I have an 240 cluster which I can’t publish/update even after the import.

    Issue 2.5:  When I look at the Device | Device Mgmt I don’t see any devices.  I have god rights!!!  I had one of my admins log in and they can freakin see the devices!! Really!!  I stopped/started services and I could then see the devices but the issue returned the next day.  I can’t blame that on Java.

    I have a case open.  Whatever….