Host Checker installation issue - security is unsatisfactory

  • I am trying to install Juniper VPN and getting this error message - “Your computer’s security is unsatisfactory Host Checker did not get installed
    properly. Your computer does not meet the security requirements.”

    I have admin rights for installation on the laptop. I have all the browser proxy settings right.

    In fact, I had been using this Juniper to connect to my client network for a long time now. I had IE8 then and recently due to organization policy to upgrade IE to IE10, it stopped working. Then I reverted back the IE version back to 8 and now even version 8 doesn’t work and gives the installation error as above.

    Can anyone pl help? It will be really appreciated !!

  • The issue is resolved. The Symantec Antivirus ‘Network Threats’ option for Application settings was blocking the 65BitProxy.exe for HostChecker. I just had to allow it to access network.