Network connect 7.4.13 (33857) on Yosemite 10.10.2 issue

  • hello all,

    i am using MacBooks for my work and am trying to set up network connect.  on my 15 inch system it connects fine, but on my 13 inch i receive errors.  both these systems are on the same network with the same configuration.

    the logs on the 13 inch show:
    20150311165444.744034 Network Connect[p17433.t1803] Sending cert hash ac9cedd7769225420d0c4c61cae14617 (
    20150311165445.763004 Network Connect[p17433.t1803] ncproxyd disconnected with reason 4 (
    20150311165445.763072 Network Connect[p17433.t1803] ncsvccontrol.error The service failed to configure the tunnel (
    20150311165445.885422 Network Connect[p17433.t1803] <dserror 0xb6d3270="" domain=“” code=“1202” “ncproxyd=”" failed="" to="" establish="" a="" tunnel,="" status=“4"” userinfo="{<br">on my 15 inch, right after sending the cert hash it gets an IP and connects.  There are some other macs on the network that work and others that don’t. it seems to be hit or miss.  all systems pass the host checker.

    thanks for any help which you might be able to provide!!


  • I’m having the same problem. Did you happen to figure it out? I’ll be spending some time on it this morning, I’ll let you know if I find anything.