NC 8.0 Both static and pac defind, used static proxy setting

  • Hello,

    Can someone explain how Network Connect determines whether to use static proxy settings, or to use the pre-defined pac?

    I’ve searched and searched on the Internet, and I am at wit’s end. I’m an end user in a group that has to use Network Connect every day at work because we remotely connect to card processing systems, and we need a secure connection. Network Connect is required for these connections, of course, but we do not require the secure connection for external websites (Google, or anything). The major problem is that some of our support tools are on our vendors’ external websites, so we have a lot of headaches because of Network Connect. NC is supposed to set instantproxy.pac to use our standard proxy server and exceptions, the same as those loaded in IE11, but it fails to do so for over half of the department. And things wouldn’t be so bad if NC didn’t turn the proxy off at random intervals. So when I’m trying to download pcaps from a vendor’s website, I lose the proxy settings and the connection times out, and it takes a LONG time to download these files.

    I’ve compared the Network Connect client setup logs and the debug logs, and the main difference that I see is the error in the title. I have no idea why it chooses the static proxy over the pac though. I’ve found that updating group policies with gpupdate and then restarting the computer works about 90% of the time. For some reason unbeknownst to me, it occasionally fails.

    I’ve compared group policy settings (exporting them to text files and comparing in Notepad++) pre and post gpupdate, and there are no differences. I’ve compared registry settings between pre and post gpupdate also, but I just don’t know enough about registries to tell what is important, and what is insignificant.

    We have no end-user support for network connect here, and our PRISM admin is useless; he’s not even willing to try to help diagnose the problem. In spite of the nearly 30 hours of trying to figure this out, I’ve made nearly no progress, except finding what seems to be an effective workaround with gpupdate.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  • I figured it out. In case anyone else ever runs into this:

    “Use automatic configuration script” is not checked in IE when the proxy.pac fails.

    This is an excerpt from the failure log:

    ‘dsGetIEProxy()’ Proxy settings are user based.
    ‘dsGetIEProxy()’ ProxyFlags by registry : 7, proxy flags by api : 7
    ’dsGetIEProxy()’ Both static and pac defind, used static proxy setting.

    Much later in the log, this shows up:
    instantproxy.pac failed, error = 2

    Who the hell knows what error 2 is?…

    And I saw this in a successful log:
    ‘dsGetIEProxy()’ Proxy settings are user based.
    ‘dsGetIEProxy()’ ProxyFlags by registry : 3, proxy flags by api : 3

    And again, much later:
    Create and set PAC … instantproxy.pac.

    That it found the setting defined confused the crap out of me, since I assumed (but never bothered to confirm) that the box had to be checked for it to recognize the setting. I was obviously wrong.

    I even went and found the registry that changed, but discovered that NC was setting the registry.

    And the reason that I could not find the difference in the Group Policy editor was that they remove that part of the policy from the end-user’s privileges.