Ex2200 Help

  • Hello all.

    I have recently got hold of a used ex2200.  I have been talking to juniper to get it changed into my name but i am currently waiting for them.

    I have a problem though that when i plug in the switch it does not power on.  the only way it will power on is when i plug a usb cable into it from the computer.  Once this is in it boots straight up.  If i have a console cable in i can see it boot but when it comes time to log in it is not accepting keyboard entries.  I think this is from the usb serial adaptor so i am going to try another with a serial port to try and confirm this.

    Any ideas on why it would boot only when the usb is in?  And how would i fix this?


  • Hello again.

    I have now been able to gain access through the cli but i now have another message.

    Warning:  This device has booted from the backup junos image.  It ask me to reinstall junos.

    I can not download it as it says i need to log in but as it was a used unit i am unable to register and juniper has not been very helpful so far.  Is there anything else i can do to get this sorted?