SRX100 Lab Config

  • Hello All,

    I work primarily with Microsoft Infrastructure technologies. I have a lab that I use for learning. I am trying to setup an SRX100 as a part of this lab environment. When it comes to the networking side of things, I know enough to be dangerous 😊 I’m looking for some help with a Juniper SRX100 Firewall config. I don’t have a console adapter… so I’m having to do everything from the web based CLI editor.

    I’ve tried to use this forum and a few blogs to get through this, but I have not been able to get the firewall configured successfully.

    Environment / Scenario Description.
    This setup is for a home lab. It starts with a consumer internet connection that is delivered through a wireless router. The wireless router has a public IP address and an internal address space of

    The PC is connected via Wifi to the wireless router. It has an IP address of and a gateway of (this address is handed out by DHCP on the wirless router)

    The SRX100 is connected to the wireless router. It has an IP address of which would be the “external IP” or untrust in this case.  The SRX is pulling this IP via DHCP just like the PC

    The internal or trust segment of the SRX100 is also a address space (which can be confusing and should probably be changed…). There is a server in the trust zone with an IP address of

    Goal - I want to allow RDP from the PC which is in the untrust zone to the Server in the trust zone

    I’ve included the following attachments:
    • Original config export
    • Failed config I tried  which I cannot commit due to errors
    • A PDF diagram of the environment

    Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


    Home Lab.pdf
    Original config export.txt
    Failed Config.txt