Cannot Connect to Secure Gateway – where's the problem??

  • Hi,

    I am on OSX El Capitan 10.11.4. I updated Java after the problems began yesterday. It is enabled on Firefox and Safari. I use the stand-alone Network Connect client. Yesterday, I started receiving the error “Cannot connect to secure gateway…” (err: I found the pdf online with the error messages and it says that the network has either timed out or connection is being refused. I turned off all firewalls and security measures to no avail. Another user is not having any issues connecting and the server is accepting connections through a web portal on other devices…just not mine.

    Where is the connection going wrong? I have never had this problem before yesterday. Is it possible the server I’m connecting to is blocking me for some reason? What could cause connection between my machine and the network to be blocked?

    Thank you for any help!