How to setup some type of QoS? SRX in home environment

  • I have a SRX110 in my home.  I have a VOIP phone and with the DSL connection I am not getting enough bandwidth (particularly upload speed – people complain “i cant hear you” even though i hear them perfectly).  There is only the default VLAN and SRX is connected (across the home) to an access point where the phone and PC are plugged in.  So phone and PC are on the same port in the eyes of the SRX.

    How can I set some QoS?  I think somewhere i specify the upload/download speed of my overall connection and then make sure that so many bps are allocated to the phone (can i do this by IP or Mac address?)  I have just one vlan.  again, this is a very basic setup.  I have good knowledge of SRX but have never had to use QoS (we run these in datacenters where we have 1Gbps or 10Gbps connections – the main issue is usually number of connections there… not bandwidth).

    any assistance is appreciated.  i searched on google and cannot find something specific for my case: single vlan, srx port shares multiple devices… how to do QoS?