EX2200 Virtual Chassis setup Issues

  • I am creating a virtual chassis test environment that mirrors what is currently in production so I am sure I know what I am doing.  Objective is to create a Virtual Chassis setup with two ex2200’s (via optical port) that are currently live. One will be Master, the other Backup.  I have imported the config from what is live into my test switches and connected them both via fiber.  I can successfully setup the virtual chassis and can see both members form the ‘show-virtual Chassis’ output.

    Here are the issues that I am encountering that I am unsure how to resolve……

    1. Switch 1 and Switch 2 have some of the same VLAN tag ID’s, but the naming convention is different.  Example…AIM Vlan TAG 2003 is called “AIM” on Switch 1 but “AIM-NETWORK” on switch 2.  Once I create the Virtual Chassis, my ‘Set’ commands fail  for the second member because post virtual Chassis setup, what is set as member 0 is the only VLAN tags that seem to be known.  Is this expected or am I setting up my virtual - chassis incorrectly?

    2. Switch 1 and Switch 2 are on different Subnets.  There is appropriate VLAN tagging that allow both subnets to talk to one another, but I am not sure of the repercussions of creating a virtual chassis with two switches that reside on two different subnets.

    3. As with VLAN tags with different names, there are different VLAN tasks that are on Switch 2 than on Switch 1.  Do I need to manually add the VLAN tags from Switch 2 post virtual Chassis setup?

    Any input from Virtual Chassis setup experts would be greatly appreciated!