Help with trunk, 2 subnets on default VLAN

  • Hello All,

    I have been struggling to resolve an issue, but no matter how much I tried; it seams to be out of my scope hence this request for help  🙂

    I have 4 EX2200 switches, trunked as couple in 2 different cabinets with different subnets each. After some review, I think that is best to cluster them as a Virtual Cluster. We do have available ports to release a switch and start the configuration from the ground up. The issue we are facing is that on a couple of switches, default network carries subnet as default (VLAN 0) and the other couple carry on the default VLAN (0).

    If I trunk all the VLANS, I can see traffic from both networks but I’d like to put the traffic on into a VLAN of its own, using the switch as gateway (lets say VLAN ID 40, / and VLAN ID 50 / The current gateway is a firewall on 10.10.{4,5}0.1 respectively; which I’d love to move to the switch on .252 on each VLAN.

    I haven’t been able to do this; every time I add an interface on the 40 network, it stops talking to the switch/trunk parter’s traffic on the same 40 network (which makes sense, one is VLAN40, the other is VLAN 0).

    Any advise? I have been playing with routes and VLANS, but as a SysAdmin, I am running out of Ideas…