Dual ssg5 in HA with dual ISPs

  • hi,

    I am taking on a work project to implement more redundancy for our office location.

    we currently have,

    2 isps
    1 ssg5
    3 switches
    5 site to site IPSEC vpns

    each isp has one copper going to ssg5, ssg5 then has one copper to each switch. the ssg5 also has a copper for a domain controller.

    my goal is to add the second ssg5, in similar config. incase the current ssg5 were to fail, we want HA to failover to the second one

    my issue is currently at the isp incoming connections. i created a vlan for each isp (vlan 4 and 5). i then cabled each ssg to the respectful vlan, and moved the isp to that vlan aswell. i could not get to the internet after making this change. i reverted the changes and am seeking help in making this work

    any advice is appreciated.