SRX210 or common config miss

  • Hello Guys,

    I’m quite ok with static or dynamic protocol routing from cisco world. Got a few SRX210 off eaby recently.

    Will be very short.

    Triangle test setup, three routers each has two neigbors
    1. OSPF run on three routers, all adjacent and full converged LSDBs. Routes are active.
    2. can ping only direct link IPs.
    3. all services and protocols accepted inbound and all OSPF ports. no polices or filters
    4. check stats, no discards.
    5. no packets in traffic count when destination is routed through the router or even loopback which is in passive mode and belong to the same ospf area.
    6. can ping loopbacks only from the router they configured on.

    Basically I tried static routes and dynamic and cant pass packets between two same router interfaces when ping is sent from directly connected second router.

    never experienced this in cisco and other platforms. I stress again that I dont have inactive/hidden or reject routes. all tables are perfect. running default inet.0 master instance only.

    in training lab we never had anything like this.

    moreover I have three J series - 2320, 2x2350 and run the same setup on them. same story.

    so, it is is probably a missed config juno needs to allow forwarding.

    please help me out, my study is in full stop now.

  • Hi Vicsmith,

    I am wondering about the following statement:
    “all services and protocols accepted inbound and all OSPF ports. no polices or filters”.

    What do you mean with no policies? In order for you to be able to enable traffic from one interface/zone to another you need to configure security policies allowing that traffic.

    Please attach the configuration so I can take a look.