Alerting on Bypass cut-in

  • If the sensor fails then the bypass unit cuts in. But how does an admin know that this has happened.

    The only visible sign is the smiley face going black in the dashboard - which doesn’t exactly draw attention to itself.

    There apears to be nothing in the logs to trigger on.

    Anyone found a way of alerting on this - given that the customer is likely to want to know that the $X,000 layer of protection they have just bought is no longer providing any protection (since it is bypassed).

    Solutions considered thus far include monitoring the serial line from the bypass unit for the string that it issues when it takes over - but a serial connection is not feasible in the environmnet concerned.

    Another solution would be to use xmag to magnify the bit of the screen that has the smiley face - but this is not elegant and requires the user to ensure they set up the magnification properly.

    Suggestions please. The solution needs to be reliable & effective.