Cisco VoIP softphones over a Neo

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    This works, however, there is some extra configuration required for the free version that Cisco provides. The call manager needs to know what IP the phone is actually coming from, which unfortunately is sent in a message from the phone on connect. Why the call manager cannot determine this from the source IP, the world may never know. The problem is, if you VPN in, the phone will by default just send the ip being used on the ethernet interface of the client PC, not the PPP address. With the non-free phone, you can configure it to hit a page on the call manager first that returns the source IP to tell the phone what to send. I know, it’s stupid.

    The free version of the phone does not have this capability. So you need to hard code the IP into the phone. Which means you either need to do it everytime you connect, or assign that same IP to a user everytime he connects. I opted for the second choice, as users don’t often know how to type “ipconfig /all”. Create a new role called something like “role-user1” and only allow Network Connect. Under role mapping, you need to create a rule to match the desired username to the role (only assign one user to each role), and stop processing once it hits the first match. Place that rule above the general roles that don’t get static ip’s. Under the ip pools, you need to allow only one IP in the pool. You need to type it in as a range or it will not take, “”.

    I might be missing a couple of steps in here, but if you’ve used the device at all, this is what needs to be done and you should be able to figure it out. If you don’t do the above, you will get one way audio on your phone calls. Good for heavy breathing, bad for conversation.