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    Anyone here taken the IDP exam?

    If so, did you find it just as freakin’ horrific as I did?

    RANT: Juniper needs to sh1tkan Prometric because that test was terrible. Not from a stand point of material covered but rather the lack of QA on the test. Grammatical errors, identical answers on questions, and questions that aren’t found anywhere. A friend and I took the exam on the same day and freakin’ failed it. We were both pretty boiled about it.

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    Of course.  😉

  • Hey chumpmasterg don’t worry who cares i failed exams before no big deal as long as you get it on the 2nd or 3rd try your cool . after that just give it up. 😄

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    I want to make sure you guys realize something.  When I took this exam, was right before they put out a new test.  I went 'round with Juniper a bit on this, and some of it was valid, but the tests that you guys have taken is new compared to what I took, and I know it sounds like BS, but they put out a new test (according to Juniper) right after I passed.  And without a doubt it was a pile.  I only know this because there were two of us that took this exam at the same time and we both failed this exam.  It’s not like I’m a complete phucktard like you guys are making me look like with your comments, (I am playing 😉 ) the materials were not as they are now.  Plus this post is almost a year old now.  There you have it, that’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

  • Yeah this exam isn’t that hard i passed it this week with a 91%. It’s just like ananthproxy said.

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    I cleared the exam at the first shot with 92% before 6months. I foud the paper is pretty easy one and mostly concentrates on compound attack, log viewer, and all those stuff. If you go thru your book twice you for sure will find all questions and answers there.


    Ananth PC

  • can anybody provide me the copy of the training material….i tried searching for some document in the net but in vein…
    before going for the training i m looking for some basic studies…so if i can get the training material it would b gr8 on ur part…
    i’ve seen the training doc for NCSA/NCSP and that was really gud…so can u plzz provide me for IDP also

  • I took the exam about a month ago. It was very easy. Just make sure you know the GUI interface very well and how to navigate around it. You cannot buy the training material from no where unless you get them from someone who has attended the course as I have already tried to buy them. I ended up having my company send me to the training course.

  • May I know where can I get/buy the training material for JNCIA-IDP??

  • Does anyone have an electronic copy of the training material? I am going to take the exam next week. Are there any pointers or specific areas I should study? I have been playing with the IDP for about a year now and have done 3 installations including one HA setup monitoring 2 networks inline.


  • Thanks for the info. I plan on attempting the exam next month after I take the training course my company is sending me to.

  • its not difficult exam , though not very interesting , lot of stuff from reports, logs. all from the official course material.

  • THANKS!!!

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    Much easy than JNCIA-FW. All questiones are basic questions related to idp manager and soem are of sensor.

  • Hello. Just wanted to know for those who have taken the IDP exam, how difficult is it compared to the JNCIA-FWV exam.


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    I’ve just passed the exam today and I found it an easy one.
    The questions are from the training materials.
    May be you have to read the materials first and play a while with the idp.
    Good luck