Routing question

  • Hello everyone, I hope I can explain this question… ok…

    Here is the situation, we have 3 sites… I will call them site A, B, C. All three sites have netscreens but are connected a little differently.

    Site A and B are connected of public network with netscreen VPN. All is working well.

    Site B and C are connected with a point-to-point T1 connection via Cisco routers.

    The question is how do I get A and C connected? I have tried adding a route definition on the netscreen on site A to forward all traffice bound for the subnet on site C to the Cisco router IP address in site B. I can ping the Cisco router address in Site B from site A, but traffic will not go past that point. The Cisco is default to send all traffice to Site C.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • site A needs a route for B and C (or one default route) pointing to the FIRST HOP at site B (for the A-B connection not the second or third like you configured)

    site B needs a static route to A and to C (first HOp at both sites)

    Site C needs a route for A and B (or default route) pointing to the FISRT HOP at site B (for the B-C connection)

  • Reaper,

    Just to make sure I understand your Q? you have routes to network C from A via B? if this is the case then does the network on C have a route back to the network on A? that could be the issue. The traffic has no route back to you.

    If not then - no idea.


  • Im not sure but if you route all traffic from the Cisco to Site C then packets came from C might not go to A -> can not ping from A to C, because ping is a 2ways protocol

    Im not sure this can help or not 🙂