WSAM stops allowing Outlook to connect

  • Hello all –

    My company uses a Netscreen SA-1000 SSL VPN (Juniper/Neoteris), and mostly it works fine. However, on Windows 2000 clients, sometimes WSAM stops allowing Outlook 2003 to communicate with our e-mail server. Once it fails i can never get it to work again. I just had this happen after installing the latest Microsoft Critical Updates and a NIC driver update :roll: .

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Netscreen LSP’s, but nothing helps. By the way, I am running version 4.1 of the IVE OS and WSAM.

    Any ideas?

    • Michael

  • I’m not sure if changing the Outlook 2003 authentication scheme to “NTLM Only” will solve every Outlook-via-WSAM issue, but it has definitely helped.

    Thanks for the tip.

    • Michael

  • Try this. It worked for us. Change the authentication from Kerberos or both to just NTLM.

    For Outlook 2003 client you can get to this setting by going to:
    Tools >Email Accounts > View/Change existing Account > Select your current Account > Change > More settings > Security > Change the Logon Network security to Password Authentication (NTLM)

    Currently WSAM is not capable of intercepting Kerberos Authentications calls sent by the outlook client.

    After that we didn’t have any issues.


  • Engineer

    Try upgrading to newer OS. If it doesn’t help contact TAC.

  • No, I am not using a hostchecker.

    I am not sure what change takes place (perhaps a Microsoft Critical Update) that would trigger WSAM to no longer work on Win 2000.

    • Michael

  • Engineer

    Are you using any kind of hostchecker???