Failed exam 3 times now

  • Each time I got 67% so each time I revised more but still can’t do it!!! Questions are badly written, ssecurity spelt wrong in one question. More than one correct answer in at least two questions and no correct answer in at least one. Lots of stuff in exam not covered on course and despite reading admin guide and gaining over 2 years hands on still don’t know it well enough to pass!

  • It is indeed. Luckily I had a couple vouchers and was reimbursed for the 1 I did have to pay for, as it took me 3 times to pass. I heard Juniper recently modified the test, but it sounds like it still sucks.

  • Engineer

    The SSL exam is VERY badly written. I passed it yesterday, at the second attempt. There’s lots of questions that are not covered by the course OR the admin guide! Some very obscure questions on situations that you wouldn’t even learn from real world config. I spent most of the exam making comments on questions that had two possible correct answers (or no correct answers) - I guess I got lucky on the choices I made on those questions. Just seems like a Prometric/Juniper cash-cow to me!!

  • sorry to hear that, bullyrag.
    I attended the CNSA training, i would say it’s very basic, I wonder if it’s enough for JNCIA-SSL exam. I guess the admin guide is the only resources we can read and apart from that, your experience on the box would surely assist you in passing the exam.

    can we talk more in private ? I m thinking to take the paper too….