Trouble with WebUI on v4.0.0r6.0

  • Hi

    I have problems configuring my NetScreen devices.
    When I get the Web page up in my browser, the menu always disappears. I realize that this seems to be happening due to an error in my computer, and not in the NetScreen device, but what can I do to display the menu?

    I am running XP Pro w/sp1, with Symantec Client Firewall enabled (also tried after disabling this, but it didn’t help). Internet Explorer 6.

    Have anyone experienced that the menu just disappears? What could help?

    I already checked the Knowledge Base at, and disabled HTTP 1.1 according to their recommendations, with no effect.

    All tips are appreciated…

    Jan :?

  • I’ve also this problem. A workaround is using FireFox and not IE. Could you finally figure out the reason of this issue?

  • It has happened two times this error, with the same firmware 6.1.0r4 but with different hardware, ssg550M was solved in hours of submission of the error (this time it was getting a snoop), but the problem continues in the ISG1000, the only thing was done in the ISG1000 was to make a session get and send it to a tftp server.

    This may be the cause? I did everything suggested in the post above, but nothing

    I would appreciate your valuable help

  • Sorry, status information in IE didn’t show correctly, should be:
    ‘Opening http://NetScreen IP address/code.html*0…’

    Jan :oops:

  • New Update:

    Tried to run WebUI from an other, fresh, XP computer with no problems.
    Have tried to clear cookies and Web Browser Cache, this have sometimes made the WebUI work. Sometimes…

    I can no longer see the “Toggle menu” link/button on the menu. Nothing on the menu is visible. When I load the default Web Page for the NetScreen, I can see everything BUT the menu. On the status line, IE says: 'Opening http://<ip address="">/code.html*0…"

    Is there a way to specify what kind of menu you want in the WebUI in the url? As far as I can see, both ActiveX and JavaVM is installed and running, and other sites work as they are supposed to.

    Now, I keep an old computer by my side, just to configure the NetScreens, but that should not be necessary.

    Jan :?</ip>

  • there a two menus: java script menu and java menu
    you need java script enabled for the default menu -

    if you hit toggle menu once you need a java virtual machine (m$ or sun) installed on your machine otherwise the menu will not appear anymore 🙂


  • Engineer

    I have some customer which can logon to the WUI but can’t load the default page with IE6 and XP. No specific configuration.

    All is ok after reinstall IE.

  • Use the CLI to configure it. You could also try to hit “Toggle menu” if you can see that option.