Site 2 Site VPN With Dynamic IP's Both side ?

  • Is it possible to do Site to Site VPN using DYNAMIC IP at both sides on Netscreen Boxes. I can use services like DYDNS service on both side to use domain name, as per juniper notes can do this when 1 site have dynamic IP.
    Can we do with both sides having Dynamic IP?

  • Hello sanga,
    I’m planning to deploy the site to site VPN between two Juniper boxes, So which model have you done this ?

    Thanks a lot !

  • I’m doing this to allow VPN access to my dynamic IP DSL connection. It works well so long as you use something like dyndns and configure tunnels with domain names.

  • yeah you can have site to site with dynamic ips at both ends. what we use is noip, which gives a host name to our locations with dynamic ips from thier particular isp’s. it works really well without any major complications