License disappears after upgrade to 5.1

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    I upgraded my SA-1000 appliance software from 5.0 to 5.1, and lost all installed licenses. Though Juniper said that they will be automatically converted to new format, I didnt see it. Only 2-user demo license was present. So I had to rollback.

    So what shall I do to get box with both 5.1 and licenses?


  • for me it looks like that you own a NFR Box. 25Users on a 1005 Adv… The lic. are gernerated for one year and will be extended by you Channel-Manager.

    For the new plattform or OS it may be that you only get a “10User all Features” lic. for one year.


  • Yes, it looks like it was a trial license and it is not converted when upgrading 5.0->5.1.

    Thanks for replies!


  • Thanks for the replies. I have a one-year license. Is it what you call ‘permanent’? Anywaty I think I’ll contact Juniper’s support.

    One more question: what happens when the installed license expires? Do all the features stop functioning?


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    i think mirom is correct, mine is 2-week trial license, so converting from 5.0 to latest version and the trial key won’t automatically been upgraded.

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    If you had a non permanent licence, i.e. a test licence that would expire, this is not converted to 5.1 code, i am told by Juniper. So if you have a “full time” licence and upgrade to 5.1 all should be ok.

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  • Upgrades from 4.2 to 5.x should automatically generate the licensing, I assume 5.0 will also do likewise. This is how I generated both production & lab licenses.

    I doubt they will issue a license for the SA1000 - they will tell you to upgrade.

    Also I suggest you wait until 5.1R3 if you can.

    License contact:

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    You need to generate a new license, and the new license key is tied to the hardware unit serial number (just like NS firewall).

    Contact the JTAC or your local distributor.