Unable to connect to server via terminal session

  • Hi,
    i got a new notebook, win xp hp2 installed, only ms-office additionally installed.
    From a customer i have a neoteris logon to connect to their server via terminal session. With my old notebook (same os) there never was a problem. with the new one (asus w5) i cannot connect.
    Login works, i get the internet-page to choose the server.
    I start the terminal session, window opens but after short time i get the error message: The client could not connect to the remote computer…
    There was a norton firewall installed. Switching it off and even uninstalling is not helping.
    The other function (fileshare) works without any problems.
    I tried with a notebook from a colleague, works perfect.
    As i need this function for work i am really desperate.
    Pls help…


  • Hi,
    thx for the quick answer. The mentioned ms hotfix did it. Now everything works perfekt.
    This could have been a long long night searching the web for a solution, so thx again…


  • Clearly this is a desktop issue as you indicate another laptop works fine.

    Either you need the hotfix for WSAM or your hosts file isn’t writable for some reason.

  • @alan:

    Are you attempting telnet or ssh? Not quite sure what you mean by “terminal session”.

    Port 3389. Windows Remote desktop I’d imagine.

    Make sure your windows Firewall isn’t on too, in addition to the Norton PITA.


  • Little more info needed here…

    What version of SSL? 4.x? 5.x?
    Connecting with? WSAM? NC?
    Any other info on the error besides “Cannot connect”?
    Are you attempting telnet or ssh? Not quite sure what you mean by “terminal session”. If so using the applet of an application?

    I’m guessing this is XP SP2 and needs the tcp/ip hotfix for WSAM