Never connected after successful import

  • I just imported 6 firewalls into my NSM. They were 3 NSRP clusters. The Device cluster add, Device Member add, import, and device config update work perfectly. The two memeber is the cluster are up and managed, but the cluster itself says it “Never Connected”. I have a JTAC case open but I dont expect them to figure this on out. I am running 2005r2 with ScreenOS 5.0.0r8 and r9.

    Has anybody seen this before?

  • i found out once i added a new device, you would get config and get that exact error message.

    After that i rebooted the device and everything came up fine. Not sure if this is standard practice but
    it was only way to get rid of it. I am running 5.3 version of NSM

  • I think it’s always been like that. The cluster object is really just an abstract for holding shared information.


  • Engineer

    Yes I have the same on all cluster with NSM 2005.x.
    Since device are up and manage, I did not paid attention to the cluster itself