Blurry text using Citrix connection

  • We’re having a problem useing the Citrix client through an SA2000. The client launches and logs in fine, but the text is all blurry and instead of being full screen, it’s almost. It fills the whole screen except for the task bar of your computer.

    I’m leaning towards a conflict between the Settings in the Terminal Services options for screen size, and the screen size settings in the uploaded ICA file.

    Anyone else experienced this, or even just post what they use for an ICA file and what they have defined on the Terminal Services settings.

  • I havent tried it myself, but i can guess whats heppening :
    You have configured your citrix session to use fullscreen, but runs within a explorer window controllet by the SA and the explorer window cant get fullscreen the same way as an Citrix session.
    Try not to use fullscreen, and see if the text gets clear. If it do, then my theory holds water.

    If You try this, please post result.

  • hello
    yes! I’ve go the same problem. I updated to IVE5.2r1 but still the same… I don’t know why…
    Any ideas?