Help Please - cant even login to 5xt elite. Help

  • Hi,
    I connect up a cli session and it always says “No Modem detected, can not failover”. It give me the option to login.
    I want to reset it but i cant since i cant login.

    Please help.

  • I have used those setting.
    I can get into the cli but the login box comes up and it wont work. It says about the modem.

    I am plugging a cable modem in via a network cable.

  • Your com-port setting should be : 9600 baudrate, 8bits, no parity, 1 stopbit.
    Also make sure you have the right cable. I believe its a straight serial cable.

  • I have always:
    Pc com port to netscreens comp port (console port).

  • Which way are you know trying to login ?

    Over a serial cable from your com-port to the console-port of the netscreen, or over the network via UTP-cabing ??

    I have the feeling you are mixing things here …

  • Tried that twice, this is from a large company so maybe they disabled it.
    Still says modem error thing.

  • Did you follow this procedure exactly…

    Hardware reset button: After the user follows this sequence—press for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds, press again for 5 seconds, and release again for 5 seconds—the device erases all configurations and restores the default factory settings.

    It is possible this is disabled but unlikely.

  • I am not using a modem via the com port, i am using it via the network cable (rj45 thing).

    I have pressed the reset button 10 times and nothing. It says you need to login to use it.


  • The 5XT has a pinhole next to where you plug in the DC power. A paper-clip will reset the box to factory defaults.
    If I recall you hold it for a few seconds, let off, then do this again.
    Login will be netscreen/netscreen. You will lose the config.
    Alternatively if you type the serial number (on the bottom) as both login and password it will also reset the box.

  • I’m not sure then. It really sounds like the modem is trying to connect. is your modem using com1 as well? I’d double check that. Maybe try using com3 for cli??

    Just guessing at this point.

  • Hi,
    Yep im using com1 and it does connect. When when plug things into the firewall the cli tells you.

    Any other ideas pls.

  • did you set your term client to use COM1? It sounds like it is trying to use your modem to connect and not the serial connection?

    Just covering the basics here.

    Good luck