Server behind 2 ns5xp

  • Hi,

    I have a mail server, with ip, and 2 ns5xp, one for an adsl line, and one for a leased line.

    ns1 (leased line)
    lan ip:
    wan ip:

    ns2 (adsl line)
    lan ip:
    wan ip:

    On each netscreen Ive configured a MIP pointing to my mail server: –-, service any (for test), policy ok —, service any (for test), policy ok

    The default gateway for my mail server is, so ns1. Testing from a remote location, if I do it works fine but if I do it doesn’t work. If I add the ns2 lan ip as other gateway on my mail server it still doesn’t work.

    So my question is: Do you know if there’s a way to make that kind of configuration working? I mean having to internet lines and that each person using either or can reach the mail server.

    Thanks for your answers! 😉


  • One more question, are you typing or (IP address) or http://mail.*****.com???

  • Try adding another Network Interface card on the mail server with another IP address and give it the second gateway. That should work!

  • Hi mannygib, thanks for your quick answer.

    I added a additional route (and made it persistent) on my mail server to my ns2, but it changed nothing. About the config, it’s really basic, just the mip for the server, nothing else particular configured.


  • You need to post your config so we can take a look at your second MIP. That should work if you added an additional route on the mail server to your NS2.