Bandwidth usage monitoring

  • Hi,

    I need you help in NS bandwidth usage monitoring. Bandwidth usage per policy basis is not very good solution for me because I need to measure two bandwidth.
    I have one bandwidth to our national networks which equal to physical bandwidth and one bandwidth to rest of the world limited by ISP to 128 K.
    I’m more interesting in second bandwidth usage.
    I can receive the list of national networks from ISP but I don’t know how to apply this in NS. Moreover this list is not static.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your answers.


  • Policy creating is very diificult because I see more than 1200 networks in the list. Moreover this list is updated every ten minutes.

  • Capture that traffic with a policy and check counting on the policy.

  • I use MRTG. But with SNMP I can monitor full traffic on the interface only.
    I’m interesting in monitoring of part of traffic shaped by ISP because it represents very small part of full bandwidth.

  • You can monitor all traffic on the netscreen interfaces by setting up an SNMP community to an MRTG server or solarwinds software. MRTG is free a very nice tool, solarwinds is not free but they have a trial you can download.