Disaster - Need to Upgrade NS-10 to NS-25\. Can I use a CFG?

  • My Netscreen-10 (hold the laughter) seems to have died on me today. My vendor is going to loan me a NS-25 until we can get a replacement in but I was trying to figure out what would be the fastest way to get the new one up and running.

    I was able to save a CFG file from the NS-10. Can I use that to program the new firewall or do I have to do everything manually? I have about 12 remote sites running NS-5’s and about two dozen Netscreen-Remote VPN users out there, not to mention a ton of internet-apps that have special policies in place.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • hi, check your screenos, if it version 4.0 or later then you might have a better chance of loading your cfg to the new device.

  • Yes you can use the cfg from the ns10
    you “only” have to find/replace some strings like
    "from dmz" to "from "from dmz to trust"
    then it’s not a problem…

  • Just forget it now, I just manually re-entered everything.