New feature on the 5gt

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    5.3r2 has support for 802.1q tags. It only works in Trust/Untrust mode, so if you’re using Home/Work mode, you’ll have to move away from it.

    I have it running at home and it’s working great.

  • Bumped in to the same issue with two 5GT’s (extended running DMZ). As you said, it’s quite a bit of an annoyance it can ONLY be run in Trust/Untrust port mode. As you did, I had to start from scratch and create the needed sub-interfaces in the new port mode.

  • Yes, in Trust/Untrust mode, which is mentioned in the release notes but not explicity stated that it is ONLY in that mode which it is supported.

    I was running 5GT Extended with a DMZ, and needed to have more than 2 separate internal networks. I was so happy to find out about the now available tagged VLAN support, but then ran into a brick wall which I proceeded to hit my head against repeatedly before realizing the 802.1Q was only for Trust/Untrust mode.

    The eventual solution was to use Trust/Untrust and add a custom defined Zone, then have 3 sub-interfaces on trust – total of 4 VLANs in 2 Zones.


    Hope this helps others avoid some headaches!

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    I’ve got an old Cisco 2924. You can pick those things up real cheap on ebay. Even 3550’s are cheap now.

    I saw a linksys 48 port 10/100/1000 switch that supported 802.1q on or for around $700 yesterday also.

  • That is a very nice tid-bit to know. I cuurently have a 5GT wireless at home in Work-Home mode. It is nice to know that the 5GT now supports 802.1Q. If only I had a Cisco switch to configure VLANs… What hardware are you using for VLAN?