Ns5xp SNMP Problem

  • Hi,
    I have a problme when trying to setup SNMp on my firewall. I have SNMP setup on my untrust interface and I hae set a community in SNMP configuration to use the host the IPAddress of my untrust interface.

    However when I try and connect to the snmp services using adrem snmp manager it searches the nodes and you can see it picking up nodes but it says there are no SNMP nodes configured.

    Any one have any ideas?

  • Post your SNMP configs. Likely config error.

  • I can use SNMPWALK in my SNMP manager software, however when I try to walk the trust interface ip (whihc is in my community) or my untrust interface ip (which is also in my community)

    It just returns cannot read snmp data

  • Can I use snmpwalk in the CLI for my firewall or do I need third party software for that?

  • administrators

    Sounds more like a problem with the SNMP utility you are using. Can you load the Netscreen MIB set into it and have it figure out from that what OIDS it needs to look at?

    Can you use snmpwalk and walk the MIB on your 5GT?