Update IP for address object in CLI w/o losing group?

  • In the GUI it’s very easy to update an IP for an address book entry, just go in and change it and all is good.

    From the CLI the only way I know of is to “unset address …” to remove the old value, and then “set address …” to add the new one back in. The problem is that this address might have been a member of one or more address groups, and the unset causes all group membership to be lost.

    Is there some way to directly modify the IP of an address entry from the CLI without losing group membership?

    And if there isn’t, is there an easy way to see what groups an address is a member of so that I could ensure it was re-assigned properly?

  • Unfortunately there is not an easy way to do this via CLI. The webui basically runs some scripts which the box can interpret at the CLI level. This makes some things much easier to configure using the WebUI. This is one example. For this reason I typically use a combination of webUI and CLI to accomplish my task quicker. Otherwise use NSM. Only “easy” way with CLI is to edit the config file and reload it. But that would require a reboot for the new configs to take affect.