5GT to route 2 users to 2 different Terminal Servers

  • Hi,

    I have 5GT-ADSL model,y I need to configure two clients with different ip’s routed to different servers with same service (Remote Desktop).
    For example: When User A wants to use Remote desktop, he should be routed to Server A, and User B to server B. (Both users will have static ip’s.)

    How can I manage that with 5GT? I couldn’t define more than one VIP…

    And another question: Can I define more than one VIP to this machine? I enabled the VIP multiport but I still couldn’t succeed to add more than 1 VIP via WEBGUI…

    Anyone help me please?

  • administrators

    Multiport VIP is for services that require more than one port, like RTP.

    I believe you can only define one VIP address on the 5GT. But, if you have more than one IP address, you can set up MIP’s instead. A MIP is a 1-to-1 mapping by IP.

    Otherwise, I think your only other option, is to use port 3389 on the outside for server A, and maybe port 3390 for server B. The client that needs to hit server B will need to make his RDP client talk to port 3390. If there is no place to enter a port number in the client, some versions of the RDP client allow you to use <ip address="">:</ip>