Outlook Web Access for SBS2003

  • Hello,

    having trouble configuring my NS 5GTADSL to allow outllook web access using SBS 2003….

    I currently have a VIP using the external IP address and mapping this to my SBS server. I currently use this for my mail which maps to port 25.

    Can I use the same VIP for outlook webmail? what ports?

    Some config examples would be great…



  • Engineer

    I’m a bit disapointed regarding your port list !!
    If you are using OWA, why did you want to have pop even if pops ?
    If using SSL, why allowing HTTP ?
    And why, oh why  RPC ?

  • Thank you to all for your assistance, I have got it working….after making all relevant changes and provided by you.

  • thanks, have already changed the managment port to 8080 - what should i change the https to?

  • Also don’t forget to change your HTTP management port for your Netscreen.  By default if the Netscreen sees any port 80 requests to itslef it thinks that you are trying to initiate a webUI session and will not forward the packet through.  Change your management HTTP port to something other than 80 (perhaps 8080).  You may also need to change your HTTPS port as well.  To change goto Configuration > Admin > Management.

  • I have created a custom service “outlook web access”

    TCP src port: 1024-65535, dst port: 25-25
    TCP src port: 1024-65535, dst port: 80-80
    TCP src port: 1024-65535, dst port: 135-135
    TCP src port: 1024-65535, dst port: 443-443
    TCP src port: 1024-65535, dst port: 995-995

    I am using the same VIP service as the one for my incoming mail Edit In use  443 Outlook Web Access (25)… OK Edit Remove
    25 MAIL (25)… OK Edit Remove

    I have created a policy allowing Any VIP::1 Outlook Web Access

    I have logging turned on and can see some activity, however, I am unable to get OWA working…cannot find server - Cannot find server or DNS Error
    Internet Explorer

    Help me please!!!

  • Hi, just to be clear - its nothing to do with Small Business or Standard server - you only ever need to open HTTP or HTTPS to get OWA running whtever it runs on (thats the point of OWA).

    Those other ports mentioned are for Exchange to Exchange traffic to traverse a firewall that sits between a front end server (in a DMZ) and a backend server on the internal network.

  • Oldo, you are right. missed the small business part. He just has to open HTTPS and that should work.

  • First off, you are using SBS, so there is no frontend/backend scenario. This means you only need port 80 open (HTTP). But, to have some sort of security I would at least use a certificate on the Exchange website (HTTPS). Standard port for HTTPS/SSL is 443.

  • Add a new VIP service and add these custom ports to it:

    For Exchange Communication:
    Port 80 for HTTP
    Port 691 for Link State Algorithm routing protocol
    For Active Directory communication:
    Port 389 for LDAP (TCP and UDP)
    Port 3268 for Global Catalog Server LDAP (TCP)
    Port 88 for Kerberos Authentication (TCP and UDP)

    here is a link for the article: