Netscreen 25 subnet change and poor network perfomance

  • Hello.

    We have a Netscreen 25 and we have a problem with a subnet mask change we have done, I’m going to try to explain.

    We had a trust zone with subnet and a few days ago we had to change to to allow more hosts in the trusted zone. After that change some hosts have a very slow network perfomance even between hosts in the same trust interface while others are ok. All hosts have and trust zone on the netscreen subnet mask.

    I cannot find why is so slow the network with some hosts, but I think that one of the problems can be that before the change we had a vlan1 (“MGT” zone) with a subnet that that now is part of the new subnet routing to another router, and we tried to remove or change the “MGT” subnet without success (after that we don’t tried to reboot the box, is it necessary?) I know it’s a bit confuse to explain.

    If necessary I can post the actual config-file for the Netscreen to try to explain it better.

    Any idea where can be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I had a similar thing like this the other week with a 25 running 5.2.0r3 (I upped to 5.2.0r3a and it fixed it….)

    one of the symptoms at its worse was pinging ethernet1 from a host on that actual subnet and having an 8ms rtt!!!

    Upgraded FW and was back to <1 rtt!

    Before the Upgrade, CPU usage was pretty high too!

    Let me know if this helps!


  • sounds like something else is using the information on the MGT interface.

    Try removing everything associated with the interface first, then you should be able to to modify it however you like.