Error messege?? Help

  • I am a newbe of setting netscreen router, could anyone help me to figure it out about those three error log? I am anxious about the antivirus not updated? I have checked the expired day for ScreenOS 5.1 and Antivirus on the middle of 2006. I am in urgent. Please help!!

    1. Request to retrieve license key failed to reach the server by manual retrieval. Server url:

    2. No NTP server could be contacted.

    3. VIP server cannot be contacted.

    Thanks in advance!!! :lol:

  • Thanks Kalex,

    Q1,  I have check the DNS,  the Host is set, and I ping both P. DNS and S. DNS Server are active, but when I click "Show DNS Table"

    Name            IP Address          Status                   Last Lookup
    192.168.17      –-.—.---.—          Host not found       03/20/2006 12:40:24

    There only three   no.  on name 192.168.17  not , I don’t know why?
    I try to find where to set this, but I cannot figure it out.

    Could you help me where can I solve this problem?  Thank you very much 😉

    For Q2,

    Where can I set NTP? How don I know the NTP enable or not?

    For Q3,
    What is the VIP Server for?  it is a staff workstation, how come it become a VIP server?I have no idea.

  • Thanks you very much for your help

    1. did you define DNS servers on ur netscreen? you have to have DNS servers, for netscreen to be able to resolve hostnames.

    2. Did you set NTP and enable it? if you did, make sure the server is alive and responds.

    3. Means at the time of the error message, your Computer was either turned off, or unplugged from the network (unable to access it)