Anyone have some equipment to donate to this site?

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    Because this site doesn’t make any moola (with the exception of some ads that net me about $30 a month), I don’t have a ton of money to spend on hardware.  If you or your company has some equipment that you aren’t using and will probably see the auction block or the dumpster, please consider donating it to us.

    Nice to haves:

    • Netscreen-25/50/200/500 to stick in front of it.  I’ve got a 5XT there now, and it’s on it’s last leg

    • another server for backup in case this one fails again.  I’m running on a little 2u HP with dual 1ghz procs, 2GB ram, and 6 18GB drives with RAID.  It’s not a bad server, but I lost 2 drives last year, and the RAID controller freaked out and I lost everything about a month ago.  Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of confidence in it.  Something 1 or 2u would be great, anything larger than that and my hosting costs will increase.

    • A manageable switch (cisco 2924 or comparable).  If I get another box, I’m going to replicate the site on both of them and do database replication.  I can do some VRRP fanciness for automatic failover on the servers.  But, I don’t have a switch in there now.

    • Possibly some web design work.  I’m definitely not a designer.  I’ll probably be integrating MediaWiki into this site in the near future, and it would be nice if everything had a common look and feel.  I’ve already figured out how to make the Wiki use the same user table that SMF uses, so everyone’s account will work with both.  Just need to make it look pretty.  🙂

    Also, what’s the deal with people signing up lately?  I’ve got almost 30 new members over the last 3 days.  Normally we only get about 1 new one a day.  Did we get posted somewhere?