Help!! Question(learning)

  • I am newbird in netscreen,i just want to ask some question

    i use net screen 50

    my company have

    my connection is

    the architecture is diffent from the manual

    i want to ask….
    the cross cable plug cable how to plug??
    is it 1 cable plug from netscreen to NIC card(pc) and 1 cable plug from netscreen to router

    which 1 need use cross cable??
    which 1 is straight cble
    from  netscreen to NIC card or netscreen to router

    1. is it after plug all the cable correct(in case Q1 is settle) ,have connection already??then follow setup the configuration??

    thx for help

  • administrators

    Step 4 is wrong.  You cannot use a crossover when going from the Trust interface to a switch.

    Just keep trying different cables until you get a link light.  🙂

  • Actually for the 5GT the box can actually sense the cable type whether it is straight-through or crossover.  But that only works with auto config, not when hard-coding.  I checked on NS50 User Guide and it seems perhaps the NS50 does not have this feature likely due to the NS25/50 platform being older than 5GT.

    So the answer to your question is in the NS50 user guide.  Excerpt below:

    To add a NetScreen-50 device to your network:
    1. (Optional) Install the NetScreen-50 device in an equipment rack (see “Equipment Rack Mounting” on page 8).
    2. Make sure that the power switch on the device is turned OFF.
    3. Connect the power cable, included in the product package, to the NetScreen-50 power outlet at the rear of the device and to a power source.
    4. Connect an RJ-45 cross-over cable from the Trust zone interface (Ethernet port 1) to the internal switch, router, or hub.
    5. Connect an RJ-45 straight-through cable from the Untrust zone interface (Ethernet port 3) to the external router.

  • administrators

    I don’t think this is true.  They still ship the 5GT with one straight-through cable and one crossover.  The auto setting is for autonegotiation of speed/duplex.

  • It shouldn’t matter which one you use so long as your interfaces are set for auto (the default).  The Netscreen can autosense what type of cable you have.

  • administrators

    Both connections will require a crossover cable.  If you have a switch in there, you will need straighthrough cable to the switch.

    If the NS-50 is reset to factory defaults, the initial web page will bring up a configuration wizard and walk you through some of the config.