WSAM through a proxy server?

  • I’ve got a vendor connecting to our Juniper SSL VPN through their company proxy.  They are able to connect fine, but when they try to install/start WSAM, they get the following error message:

    You must add IP addresses for hosts or networks you want to secure via Windows Secure Application Manager to Internet Explorer’s proxy exception list when you use a Web proxy server.  Error Code:

    If I add an Exception entry in IE for our SSL VPN IP address and url, they can’t connect at all (I’m assuming their network will only allow proxied web traffic). My question is, is it possible to install and run WSAM through a proxy server or must you have a direct connection to the internet for it to work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Engineer

    The error you have is not related to the VPN IP itself. It tell you that if for exemple you want to access from a host that is using a proxy server, this particular request will be send to the proxy and then will not be intercepted by WSAM. The exception concern internal URLs