Fix ip configuration

  • Dear all ,
              How to configure static ip address to netscreen 5 GT firewall , i try to put the static ip address into the 5 GT firewall , look like can’t work , unable to browse internet , if i pc directly connected to cisco router with static ip is able to access internet . please help ,thank you .

  • Engineer

    Dude, if you have a subnet of /32 (host) you have no possible default route for the untrust interface.  Are you sure that’s the correct subnet?  You would need a /30 minimally to be able to assign a static and have a default route to get to on the ISDN router / modem.  Also, if you are in route mode, make sure you are NATing the policy from trust to untrust.

    You have to get over the subnet problem first.

  • I have one customer using ISDN dialup with fix ip 219.x.x.x with subnet mask 32 , using PC able to access internet through LAN point to default gateway .
    By using netsceen 5 GT model ,i connect to untrast port , the activity link led is up and the status is up , then i put static ip ,with  29.x.x.x/32 and managed ip will automatic follow the static ip , and using route mode , from the trust port i connect to PC with ip range ( ) same range as trust port , but unable to access to internet , please give some advise , thank you

  • Global Moderator

    You might need to post a little more information.  What interface has the static IP address?  Can you give us a little bit more information about how you want your network to work?