ScreenOS 5.3r3 is out!!!

  • with all the hassles i have had in the 5.2+ range i would not upgrade to any until 5.4 (and tested it).

    I have had code patches re written for me in regards to major flaws. Even now i still have juniper looking
    at code for a issue which i found yesterday.  :x

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    I wish it were so easy 🙂

    Have a read of this thread

  • can’t you just use the command “set interface adsl phy link-down” to shut down the ADSL interface? I don’t use the ADSL wireless model, just the Untrust model.

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    junipoint: Do you know if we can shut down interfaces on the 5GT with this release?  It’s annoying in one box I have to have the ADSL line flapping all the time (as it’s unplugged and not in use)

  • basically in 5.4 almost everything you could want from a wireless firewall is configurable, especially if you have the extended key. Also, 5.4 is a universal release for all platforms: 5gt, ssg, ISG, and other NS platforms.

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    @junipoint: Thanks for the interesting info!  What other features/things make you say that it’s better than 5.3?  I have a Wireless 5GT, it’s extreme overkill for my little home network but I’ve already learnt at lot from it (and my experience with it over the last month I’m sure was a key factor in passing my JNCIA-FWV).  They’re a fantastic little box.

  • hi junipoint hey it’s good to talk to u . so where are u from. i am just a newbie to netscreen have worked a lot on cisco security products and routers and switches. netscreen as far as the features i read they are far ahead than cisco pix or asa. and now cisco is copying all the features of netscreen one by one. how long u been working on netscreen. would like to ur pal buddy. see ya



  • No, I don’t work for Juniper;  I chose junipoint as a screen name because Juniper support is starting to remind me of Checkpoint which I have a lot of experience with.  :x.

    On a positive note, those with the Wireless 5GT will be pleased with 5.4 code;  it enables those features which should have already been enabled, such as true WPA2  as well as bridged interfaces.

    5.4 also fixes many of the bugs that have existed the whole time with 5.3.  Also, Deep inspection and many other inspection features have been improved along with full IPv6 support.

    that’s all I know about.

  • hi buddy. so what is new in the new ios ios as u mentioned. is it only covering the bugs in ut or it has new feature engahancements by the way where are u working. working in juniper ?.



  • FYI, I’m beta testing 5.4 screenOS which will be due out in June and it was a major rewrite. In its beta form it’s much better than 5.3. Turns out the whole 5.3 release should have been delayed because of some serious issues with Flows.

  • hi luder so u have any idea in the very soon coming screenos are they coming with more resolved bug issues or with new features also.cause in the entire train of screen os from 5.1 till the new screenos hardly new features have been introduced.what’s ur opinion on this.



  • 5.3.0r4.0 is about to be released.

    the 5.1 + series has been riddled with bugs.

  • i feel netscreen should stabilise its screenos and should be like cisco pix ios whch is filled with bugs in it. they almost released 6 revisions of the new ios in 3 to 4 months with no new features but just clearing up bugs.


  • there is also a nasty bug when the ike gateway IP configured, learns the same route vis routing protocol it makes the NS go into a loop and simply dump its memory contents and reboot itself.

  • does anyone has the ScreenOS 5.3.0r3 for ns-500.


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    I upgraded from the factory 5.0.0r6 to 5.3.0r2 with no problems and then it was just a step up.

    But that doesn’t seem to match the release notes, maybe I was just lucky?

  • not if your running 5.3.0r2.0 but i am sure you have to with previous versions.

    it’s on juniper site wehn you go to download the OS what you have to do.

  • Do you need to upgrade version 5.3.0-up-0 before 5.3.0r3.0 ???

  • i killed 5.3.0r3.0 in 5 minutes flat.

    memory dump then reboot, over and over……

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    I’ve also seen some werid errors (debugging core dumps according to the Juniper support site) that are now gone with r3.  Doesn’t seem to have done anything for my ADSL Line Drop problems, but I’m pretty sure this is just some weridness between my Juniper box and the DSLAM.