Configure Netscreen 5GT Dynamic to Static Site-to-Site VPN

  • Dear all,

    I have a customer who need to configure Dynamic to Static Site-to-Site VPN.

    There are 2 sites, KL Office and Singapore Office.

    KL Office site running at Static IP
    Singapore Office site running at Dynamic IP (PPPoE on Cisco 837 router)
    Both sites are using Netscreen 5GT firewall

    In Singapore Office, currently they have a Cisco 837 router configured as PPPoE
    connected to Netscreen 5GT firewall.

    As for this scenario, will my plan shown below work for this scenario? I’d be appreciated for
    some assistance over this configuration.

    1. Configure Cisco 837 router as bridge mode (Configure to act as a ADSL modem)
    2. Configure Netscreen 5GT firewall to dial-in to Cisco 837 router to obtain dynamic ip from ISP.
    3. Register DDNS account with DynDNS website
    4. Configure and enable DDNS in Netscreen 5GT firewall
    5. Configure Netscreen 5GT firewall local id: <enter the="" ddns="" hostname="" registered="" from="" dyndns="">6. Follow the procedure on the configuration for Dynamic to Static Site-to-Site VPN configuration guide.</enter>

  • Anyone know would help me with this?  😄