How do I disable the ADSL interface fully?

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    [Apologies to those who read the qorbit netscreen mailing list, you will already have seen this.]


    I have a 5GT-ADSL (running factory 5.0.0r6.e firmware)

    I am not currently using the ADSL interface, instead I am using the
    Untrust Ethernet port.  The ADSL port is unplugged and this seems to be
    my problem.

    Everything’s working fine, but I can’t find a way to disable the ADSL
    interface fully.  I’ve put it into the Null zone (you have to do this
    for the Untrust port to work correctly) but that doesn’t stop it putting
    this in the log file every few minutes:

    2006-04-13 11:50:08 notif ADSL Line Waiting for Activating.
    2006-04-13 11:50:06 notif ADSL Line Down.
    2006-04-13 11:50:06 notif ADSL Line Closed.

    There’s no way I can see to set the physical to down:

    5gt-> set int adsl1 phy ?
    operating-mode       ADSL operating mode
    5gt-> set int adsl1 phy operating-mode ?
    ansi-dmt             use ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 mode
    auto                 auto negotiating with DSLAM
    glite                use G.Lite mode
    itu-dmt              use ITU G.992.1 mode

    I’ve tried removing any pvc information:

    unset interface adsl1 pvc

    But it just returns it to the default (and doesn’t stop the log messages):

    5gt-> get config | inc adsl
    set interface "adsl1" pvc 8 35 mux llc  zone "Null"

    I’ve had a search on google and I can’t find anything, so at the moment
    I’m assuming that everyone who has a 5GT-ADSL is using the ADSL
    interface (which would make sense really!)



  • 😉

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    Don’t look at the logs?


    You’ll make a great firewall admin.

  • Don’t look at the logs?


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    There’s no PPPoA instance defined, so there’s no binding there.

    The only reply I got to this from the netscreen mailing list was that it’s not possible to shutdown interfaces on the 5GT series.

    So I guess I just have to get used to this in the logs!

    I’m not upgrading it as this 5GT has no support contract and is in place at a business.  While I don’t have a problem putting any ol’ code I can get ahold of on my personal box, I’m not loading anything onto a customer router unless they’ve got the code through offical channels 🙂

  • Did you try unbinding PPPoA from the ADSL1 interface? and do you still have a PPPoA instance defined? I’d say delete it if so then see.

    Why not use the latest firmware too.