IBM's iNotes, (DWA) and IVE Web Re-write issues.

  • Greetings All,
        I’m attempting to move my iNotes resource from Unix Reverse Proxy to the Juniper SA.  I have it configured using the Core web access, it is working  but not without issues.  They are:
        1) Premature iNotes “Session Expiration”
        2) Re-authentication issues after iNotes session expiration, (premature or not) (not IVE session)
        3) Functionality after a re-authentication.

    What I have found is that the iNotes application will present the user with a ‘session expired’ message sometimes 5 minutes after login.  The user signs back in to the pop-up and the message comes back up when ever they try to work with an email.  This is very sporadic.

    Some cases show the ability to open and close emails, (after re-authentication), but using the iNotes application ‘refresh’ and ‘delete’ buttons produces the ‘session expired’ message again.  So the user would have to use the browser refresh button.

    We are on the latest, 5.3r2.1.   Are Lotus is 6.5.   I’m caching all activity from the Lotus environment,  of the four options I’m using “Unchanged” becuase it’s the fastest.   I tried “Smart caching” and got the same results.  The IVE session timeout for the role has been tested at 1,2, & 3 hours of inactivity and 20 hours Max.  The IVE session rarely comes into play.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone been able to deploy the iNotes resource successfully on the SA?