Bad experience with JNTCP

  • Recent bad experience with the Juniper JNTCP.

    I had passed JNCIP-M back in Oct 2005 and am preparing JNCIE and registering coming lab exam to be held in Beijing in Oct.  However, the JNTCP registration coordinator told me that my record shows that I am unpaid for the JNCIP-M exam!  What a mess their system is!  I absolutely remembered I had the exam fee paid by credit card.  Now I have to spend money to request my bank to reprint statement to prove that before I can successfully registered the JNCIE lab….  They returned a record to me that I am unpaid and “not attended”, I really want to ask them how can I achieve the certification without attending?

    Another issue, month ago they have changed Certmanager to Integral 7 system.  After migration, I cannot login again.  This problem spans for month, I have sent over 5 emails requesting support but only turned out one reply of resetting my password.  However, that did not work and I keep asking for support.  The result is - no more answer from them.  And now I am still unable to login to even check my JNTCP ceritification status or request logos.

    I personally do not hate Juniper but what I experienced totally disappoint me.  Do not tell me these things are being done because I have my company name changed to “cisco systems” half year ago.