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  • Hi All,

    Not sure whether you all have encounter this; lately i’ve been encounter our screenOS V5.3 have the issues of reaching the session utilization full very fast. just want seek confirmation on this from all of you, whether this is the screenOS problem or other problem. Has anybody enocuntered the same issue as mine ?, just would like to seek advice from all of you, any suggestion for this issue, thanks in advance.

  • it could be that those are legitimate session count and you just need a higher end box

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    Can you run your session data through

    The timeout value is 30 on the exchange service object?  Can you double check that?  How many clients are accessing exchange at any given time?  Has it always been like this or did it just start doing it?

  • Hi Signal15,

    Thanks for your reply and advice. Just would like to seek your advice on this; for us currently we so have few custom services created, but it’s not in use and we’ve set all timeout value to 30. btw, for your info, we do have and e-mail system running on MS exchange and AD, and we have a rule with particular high traffics which is the rule created for this exchange and AD traffics. (out of 4000+ session available, and AD and exchange traffics is using 2400+ and is increasing, and abt the AD port that’s using, they are using RPC and the port range for that service is very large)

    Do you think this is a MS exchange and AD connection bugs that caused this?, and just to seek your advice and suggestion, is there any solution we can try out to resolve this issue?

    Your advice is very much apprecited, Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Did you put in any custom services and set the session timeout to never?

    I had a client make an “any” service with no timeout and permitted traffic to a host.  Someone portscanned the host, and it immediately used up all the sessions.  Check your services.